Last week, the Hillsboro school district in Oregon sent out a memo directing its staff to refrain from using images that could be construed as offensive to others such as Santa Claus.  Not using Santa Claus images was a way to respect all religious beliefs.  They claimed after the memo became public that they were not “banning” Santa Claus, you just need “to refrain” from using those images in your Christmas decorating.

Sounds like a ban to me.

To a Socialist this is a two-for-one.  As we know, Christmas is a Christian religious holiday to celebrate the birthday of Jesus.  In America, Santa also plays a large role as part of the Christmas tradition.

Giving gifts for Christmas requires buying things, a willing purchase from a willing seller. Sellers have to have items available that people want to buy and providing items that consumers want at prices they can afford is the function of capitalism. Capitalism is a system that works.

The balance to be struck at the holiday season is to not get too caught up in the commercialism of the season and to try remember the real meaning of Christmas. Remember “A Charlie Brown Christmas” anyone?

Santa Claus represents gift giving and is based on the folklore of the holiday season.  Jesus’s birthday is the Christian reason for Christmas.

Socialists despise capitalism because in this market driven system, there are winners and losers.  It is unfair that some people become rich and some people are poor. This inequality needs to be corrected by wealth redistribution.

Who will decide how to redistribute this wealth to make things equal?  The Socialist masterminds who know better how to take from some and give to others.

Does a Socialist economic model ever work? No, you just need to glance at Venezuela as the most recent example. Money is now being weighed in stores because so many bills are required to buy things that it takes too long to count it.

Socialists, to promote their agenda, incessantly attack capitalism. So Santa is on the chopping block.

Undermining all tradition is another Socialist tactic.  The Declaration of Independence states that we have unalienable rights as individuals given to us from the Creator.  For some, that Creator is represented by Jesus.

If our rights are given to us by a Creator, this will undermine the authority of the State.  In our founding documents, the Constitution, which is based on the principles in the Declaration, provide for individual liberties. How then can the State be the principal arbiter of equality?  It can’t, so it must attack these underpinnings to legitimize its authority. At the bottom of these documents is a Christian ethos that must be replaced with a Statist one.

Capitalism is inextricably connected with the individual liberties provided for in our Constitution.

The Constitution is inextricably linked to a belief in a Creator and at the time it was written the dominate belief in a Creator was a Christian one.

So two-for-one, get rid of an oppressive Santa and call into question the entire Christian tradition of Christmas as not being “overly inclusive.”

Brilliant! But really, it is just more misguided crap from the left that needs a push back.