The Democratic party is a party of tyranny.

They want power above all else.  Why?

Because they want to control you.  Why?

Because they are ideologues and if they control you they control everything.

You will become a tool for them.  And a fund raiser.

It is your tax dollars that they are after.  Why?

Because it will go into their pockets and into the pockets of their friends.

Just ponder for a moment how HRC and Bill, who do not have jobs, have such a high net worth, as much as $31.3 million.

(As an aside, does that put them among the “wealthy” and are they paying their “fair” share? Has HRC actually been contributing more to taxes because she is not paying enough to fund our military, etc.? Has she in fact been following the tax rules but “feels” saddened because she is not paying enough? Unlike the mean Trump who is not contributing to our country? Hmm.)

We have all heard Bill speak and unfortunately, we have all heard Hillary speak.  Would you pay $250k to $500k to listen to either of them?

Put another way, when was the last time a foreign government gave you a MILLION dollars on your birthday? When was the last time a foreign county asked you to speak for $12 MILLION dollars?  (I get it if you don’t speak Moroccrian or is that Arabic?).

So it may be influence pedaling.

Ideologues will stop at nothing to get what they want.  No matter how trivial it may same, everything is part of a plan.

Take ducks for instance.

At Trump rallies, back in August “people” appeared in Donald Duck outfits to stalk and taunt him about his tax returns.  Here. And also here.

All dutifully reported by the MSM.

Where did this come from? HRC of course! (thank you for the head’s up Project Veritas.)

It is all deceit and plunder.

It is all about power, and all of us will suffer.

Think about it! We are running out of time.