“Q:  … I’ve read reports in Colorado — and you’ve seen these before, I’m sure — dead people voting, and ballot box stuffing, and people voting for family members, and people who are not eligible to vote somehow casting ballots for years.  How concerned are you about this?

MR. EARNEST:  Not at all.

Hmmm.  Dead people voting?

Well not really.  Unless you count the 19 in Virgina.

Or the 265 in California.  And some get to vote year after year.

Or Colorado.

But, Mark that is not very many. So what?

Ok, lets add run-of-the-mill voter fraud.  (Fake names, dates of birth, addresses, etc.)

In Indiana, the Indiana Voter Registration Project, funded in part by a Democrat led group, Patriot Majority USA, has been closed down and an investigation is ongoing in 56 of the 92 counties.  Of course, after 45,000 folks have been registered.

Texas? Texas.  Mail-in ballots.

Florida?  Well, you know Hillary said hurricane Matthew was so bad because of climate change. And if Hillary said it, it must be true.

So before any landfall, her campaign started pushing for an extension of voter registration.  It wouldn’t be fair otherwise.  So an Obama appointed federal judge is telling the state they have to extend.  As the article notes, “…a victory for Florida Democrat party…”


Are they done?  Sadly, the party of tyranny is never done.

Felons? Yup.

People that should be deported?  (Oops! My bad, no fingerprints!  We made them citizens instead.  O well, I guess they vote!) Only about 1,800 though.

New citizens?  Lets just work overtime and process as many as we can before the election. Go Team!

Already have a green card? Go Team!

All Democrat initiatives to flood as many Democrat voters into the system as they can, by whatever means they can to ensure HRC gets elected.


Is this what we need?