It is unbelievable to me that anyone could vote for Hillary.  She is unquestionably the most corrupt politician we have ever seen.  Lies flow from her every time she opens her mouth.

I could not believe she is still pedaling that nonsense about her emails last week with Chris Wallace.

Just because the director of the FBI was a coward in not bringing charges against her does not absolve her of the fact that he laid out a play-by-play of why she was completely guilty.  There is no doubt under 18 U. S Code and 793 subsection f.

Yet she insists she did nothing wrong, it was someone else’s fault and she could not, as Secretary of State, distinguish if information in emails was classified or not. O, and spare me the intent B.S.

Such crap and nonsense.  Yet people still support her and would vote for her as President.

Listen, Bill and Hillary are a unit. You elect one you get them both.  And don’t forget, Bill, despite his other short-comings (cough-rape charge-cough) is only the 2nd President to ever be impeached.  Obstruction of justice.  Go figure.

So here is a short list of scandals that we have been subjected to over the years with HRC and Bill:

-Email server – Treason

-Benghazi – Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies and more Lies.

-Huma – trusted adviser tied to Muslim Brotherhood – Yikes!

-Boznia sniper fire – Lie

-Speaking fees – Pay to play with the Secretary and former and possible future President.  Look we have all heard her at some point, would you pay to hear that?  Well some do, they earned $153 million from 2001 to 2015. Ugh!

-Clinton Foundation – More pay to play

-Uranium to Russians – Her role in this security risk is unbelievable

-Haung, Trie, Chung – Illegal campaign contributions from foreign sources

-Renting the Lincoln bedroom out – Seriously

-Selling seats on Commerce Department International Trade missions – Show me the money and someone died

-Subpoenaed Rose Law firm records – Lost and then found in the White House. Hmmm

-Vince Foster and his missing files – Oops. Suicide and office files stolen.

-Filegate – FBI files on political enemies found way to HRC.

-Whitewater – Real Estate swindle and fund raiser

-Travelgate – Friends with benefits again.

-Cattle futures – This one is too funny. Read one article in WSJ on commodity trading and was then able over 10 months to turn $1,000 into $99,500 or an increase of 10,000%.  Really?  What does she need to be President for?

So all of that is just background.  Google it for yourself if you want.

And this dynamic duo wants to rule us all like a ring? And you would vote for that?

See you later 2nd amendment. Hello higher taxes.  Good-bye Liberty.  Nice to see you Tyranny.

We have a big problem here people. What are we going to do?  Think about it!