A few weeks ago Senator Angus King held a discussion at USM, with former Senator George Mitchell and Ambassador to NATO, Nicolas Burns.

Senator King stated that he has read everything about the agreement and that it is a good agreement.  He was on a radio sound bite over the weekend saying in effect that the only thing worse than Iran is Iran with a nuclear weapon.  He is making the case, both in the sound bite and in the meeting, that this agreement will stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

Once again, he is wrong, this agreement opens the pathway to one.

First of all, this agreement has side deals at the UN that the Senator, and indeed, Secretary of State Kerry have not seen and do not know what they say.

17 unclassified documents were added to 1 classified document to make it difficult for Congressional members and staff to read them. Same tactic that was used by the President on the Pacific Rim trade deal this summer.

Iran, as reported by the associated press, will be inspecting their own facilities.  Military sites are off limits.  If inspectors are allowed to look, Iran first gets a 60 day notice.

If these sanctions are lifted, Iran, the largest state sponsor of terror in the world,  will get over $1 billion released to them.  Can anyone doubt tat they will use these funds to further their support for terrorism and against the US?

This is a matter of national security.  Iran is driving to get a ICBM program  in place, so they can deliver a warhead to Israel and the United States.

In addition the Ayotollah continues to chant “Death to America!” “Death to Isreal”  Last week he said that Israel will know no peace until they are destroyed in no longer than 25 years from now.

Why does King think this is a good deal?

How can support for the Democratic party be more important than the security of our country?

He can’t.  He is defending the Democratic party over our national security.

Wrong again.