It is very to hard to keep in mind events that have happened.  There is wave after wave of new events crashing over us each day.  Something else to be astonished about, but do you remember any of these?

The attack on our embassy in Benghazi.  (Supposedly caused by a video but not really.)

The IRS targeting Conservative political groups trying to form non-profits to get their message out.  (Left leaning groups were unmolested, probably an oversight.)

The government wire tapping certain Associated Press reporters phones. (Trying to get a jump on the news for the daily White house briefings maybe?)

The NSA storing all of our phone conversations and internet traffic. (If we can just identify one terrorist it’s all worth it.)

The Defense department announcing global warming (excuse me, climate change) is an “immediate risk” to national security. (But ISIS apparently is not.)

The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. (Whoops, Gruber let it slipped that it was meant to be unaffordable.)

The President declaring that he has a phone and a pen and if Congress won’t act, he will.  So he announces in Las Vegas that he will implement immigration reform in a 32 minute speech. (Whew! Thankfully he still had the time to play 27 holes of golf immediately after for 9 hours.)

How do these events and the government actions and talking points that follow from them impact our unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?

Is the government taking its just powers from the governed and using that power to protect our rights?  Can the government really protect our rights when they lie to us about what they are really doing?

The President and the Senators and the Congressmen took an oath to uphold our Constitution and to defend our rights.  Repeatedly.  Yet, we have the short list above.

Don’t we have to ask ourselves, how are these seemingly inconsistent things, the list and the oaths, related?